Wormhole Sleeper Damage And Ship Fittings

I understand wormhole sleepers do all types of damage, but according to some sources I can see that the high damage battleships most of the time do more missile damage than turret damage. Does that mean tanking for Kinetic and Explosion more than other two damage types is a better option to go with assuming you can easily tank the smaller ships ?

Both missiles and turrets based weapons can deal different damage types. All sleepers deal omni damage so you should aim at filling all your resist holes.

Information you provide can help you avoid incoming damage because turret and missiles mechanics are different. While you can avoid turret damage by keeping transversal speed up. Missiles always hit (if not out of range of missile or you don’t have enough speed to outrun missiles), but there still are ways to mitigate incoming damage.

I’m not a missile expert so maybe someone else will tell how changing speed and signature actually help tanking missiles.

Eve Uni has a pretty decent discussion if you don’t mind digging into the math.

The bottom line is that the faster you go, the less damage missiles do. Blooming sig increases damage, so if you want to reduce incoming missile damage the best thing you can do is fit an AB and speed/sig tank. On the flip side, webbing can seriously increase damage up to a cap of 1 or the ratio of signature/explosion velocity, whichever is lower. Getting webbed with MWD on can murder you outright.

Missiles don’t have a random hit quality factor so they’re more predictable so long as you manage your environment. Speed/sig tanking is absolutely valid as long as you can manage those two factors.

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