Are there any good battlecruisers for wormhole exploration

I’m looking to run a few relic and combat sites in C1/C2/C3 wormholes. I’ve got a gnosis and a drake so does anyone have any good fits for them in Wh space.

I love using a Gnosis for this, it’s a very well balanced ship that also has boosts for this sort of thing. You can deal with some of the sleeper sites, and while wormholes are easier to survive in while flying something tiny and maneuverable the Gnosis is a hell of a lot tougher, has scanning bonuses, and unlike a lot of other ships in its size range isn’t specialized.
As for fits, it sort of depends on what you are doing. The only thing though that I change on mine is to add cloaking. You can also bring a mobile depot and relic and data analyzers and switch from one type of signatures to another.
Sleepers do omni damage, so fit resistance for that, and bring the best ammo and drones you can. Sleepers go after drones, so shoot them first then send your drones after them.
I’m not at my computer at the moment so I can’t send you my fits for this stuff but they aren’t anything fancy.

That should be easy, since the Gnosis does have the same base resistance on all four types.
Use either adaptive invulnerability shield hardeners or EANMs for armor.

A lot use Drekavac and some run small fleets.
They give good logi bonuses, and great damage ramp.

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