Gnosis exploration support fit

Greetings. Wiki Uni says this about the Gnosis: “The SoCT’s Gnosis-class battle cruiser is typically used as an exploration, research or training vessel and is well equipped for such activities. It is even better prepared, however, to guard such tasks from interruption and sabotage.”

I’m very interested in the “guard such tasks” aspect of the above. Does anyone have a fit toward that end? Had no luck finding anything via google search.

dBerchBlade Utama.

AFAIK that’s a quote of the ingame description.

If you wan’t to use the Gnosis for PVP you could have a look at this video.

Or you look around ZKill here for more up-to-date fits.

Define “Guard”, did you want to do relic/data sites in WH space but still hunt people, just defend yourself or are you defending someone else.

You have to nerf your fit to fit the scanning/hacking modules, if you are doing the hunting you can often dictate the engagement (can be tricky in WHs because you have no idea who is around.) but if you are the target that’s a lot harder and people will normally only attack if they know they can win.

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