Need A Fit - WH Ratter for Omega Minmatar

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I have a decent PvP fit someone gave me, but it’s for large fleet actions. I am looking to get into WH ratting, and need a suggestion on ship and fit that can survive the PvE aspect, as well as be a threat for PvP, if such a thing exists. I am a short time away from Minmatar battleships, and have decent missile and gun skills. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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From my limited experience, you’re going to want to be in a Battlecruiser at the smallest. Even in C1 WHs they rats can be pretty tough. A Hurricane would probably do well but I went for Gnosis, largely because of the huge cargo hold. Plenty of room to stick in a mobile tractor unit and a mobile depot, along with any optional mods and plenty of ammo. The MTU with salvage drones makes looting the sites easy as pie. I haven’t got a fit to hand but I think the Gnosis is a very customizable ship so play to your strengths! I made sure I could manage lvl 3 missions easily before I went for it. Learn your WH catagories as anything above a C2 may be too much for a battlecruiser! Weekends are a bad idea! II made about 100 mil clearing out a C1 but that may the top end.

Good Luck and fly safe o7

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