Galente User need help low sec ratting

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I have about 9mil sp. I cant seem to find a galente ship capable of entering and surviving a ratting site. I have a Vindicator, fitted with Neutron blasters tech ii, Tracking computer Tech i, 4 tracking enhancers tech ii, large armor repairer tech i, adaptive invulnerability shielf tech ii, 1600mm plates tech ii, Drone augmentation tech i, stasus webifier, Large Cap booster tech ii, t i have no issue killing them, they just plunch through my shield and armor as if it is not even there within a minute. Any ideas or alternative galennte ship i can consider oh yes i have Hobgoblins ii can also do Hammerheads ii

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Not even for low skills, but really accessible for characters in that situation, the Vexor Navy Issue is one of the most common ratting ships in the game.

There was a Reddit thread earlier this year with a typical fit and discussion:

There was this thread in this forum not that long ago:

and this one on the VNI as well:

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Thank You for the replies, im defintely going to apply your advice tonight and if it works ill be giving feedback here. Excited thank you

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Try some MagStabs instead of all those tracking enhancers. That will boost your DPS by a large amount.

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From your list of modules, it seems like you are trying to shield and armor tank at the same time? Generally, it’s no use to try to do both, you should concentrate on doing one very well rather than both poorly.

A vindicator most likely should be armor tanked. You also need to focus on either active (use armor repairer) or passive (using armor plates) tanks, not do both. In this case, PvE activities generally are done with active tanks.

Post your fit and someone here will be able to review it.

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My advice is to stick to one type of tank, either shield or armor - don’t go for both. Trying to shield tank and armor tank basically means you won’t be able to do either very well.

According to your fit, you have an armor plate, an armor repairer and a shield hardener, so you’re tanking both.

My suggestion is to replace some of the tracking enhancers with some T2 energized adaptive nano membranes. That will go a long way in increasing your armor resists. You could also look into using rigs to improve your armor repairer strength (can’t remember what they’re called - auxiliary nano pumps, or something like that - use two T2 and one T1 if money is no object. Use three T1 if it is).

Also, I agree with @Nerdz_Rool, mag stabs would likely be a better choice over tracking enhancers (provided your range isn’t critically altered).

Also also, I don’t fly a vindi myself, but I think I’ve heard of people using dual webs on them. They use them to greatly slow down their targets, thus allowing them to apply damage much better. If you remove your tracking enhancers, you may find you are no longer applying your DPS very well - webs could help here if this becomes an issue… You are using Blasters though, so I wouldn’t think tracking would be an issue. Range might be a different story.

The Vexor Navy Issue is an awesome ship. It’s strong, applies damage well, it’s fast (being a cruiser) and it’s cheap (relative to other ratting ships, like Vindis). The only downside is you will want decent drone skills, which can take time to train. Ideally you will have Drones V (a must), Gallente cruiser IV, Heavy Drones IV, and Drone Interfacing IV. That should get you around 500dps if fit properly.

The very last thing I will mention is the option of bring a mobile depot and some extra mods with you. When you land in a site, drop the depot and 60 seconds later (once it’s activated) you can change your fit on the fly. Put in tons of tank at the start when there are lots of rats. As the numbers thin out and the amount of damage you’re sustaining lowers, swap out tank mods for damage mods so you can finish the sites faster.

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Thank ypu

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Wow awesome thank you for the great advice from everyone. This will get me going well beyond my expectations.

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Good Morning, certian skills are still needed before i can do the fit successfully will take time then i will try it. Tux again for advice

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If you need more help feel free to talk to me ingame sometime.

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