Low sec ratting with friend

I have returned after 2 months. Now I dunno what to do so I plan to do some ratting with friend(he flying thrasher). since we want to kill the bots faster, I want to fly a amarr(best)/gallente(second choice) destroyer. for now I have a dragoon that have 55km drone range and about 120 drone dps(I am alpha). but I read that dragoon is not so good for PVE so any advice for ships and fits I should use? thanks.

I for once did quite a lot of PVE in Dragoon (up to some lvl 3 missions and lvl 4 combat sites) and it wasn’t too bad, at the same time highly versatile, and expendable. As a ratter it could deal with about anything found in belts even in Null (barring the infamous diamond rats). Switching to it from Thrasher felt as an improvement.

Going Omega one can achieve nearly twice higher DPS output from it.

Would you be so kind, to give us more details? I know the Dragoon only as a small PvP boat.

Dunno. The fact is, myself extensively used Dragoon for everything PVE, from simple missions through probed combat sites and base level wormhole anos. Used it specifically to hunt BS-sized NPC belt rats in LS/NS (with t2 drones and t2 rockets/missiles orbiting under their guns) occasionally adapting fits to the game mechanics/features changes introduced by the devs now and then. I chose it browsing through ships as it seemed the most suitable option after unsatisfactory experiments with Thrasher (I’m a Minmatari so initially skilled for their ships). What else details are you interested in? Please specify and I will gladly share any relevant experience.

If you search youtube for “lowsec destroyer” there are actually some good videos on the topic. It’s very doable and looks kind of fun. There’s a youtube channel called “dad dex” where he does stuff like this with his son and I was suprised because before seeing that I would have discouraged it. I didn’t think you could find much success PVEing in a destroyer, but you totally can.

Slightly disconnected but I remember seeing a video of someone farming c1s or c2s in a destroyer and that kind of blew my mind. I’ll see if I can find it.

Found it! Making Isk by Killing Sleepers in a C1 - YouTube

Hey. What’s a C1/C2?

low level wormholes

Thanks. I should have known that as I lived on one for a year but thought it was more specific to a asteroid belt.

After your comments in another thread I watched Dad Dex last night.

I’ve fitted out a Taranis to take into lowsec next time I’m on to do just that… first step to moving maybe…

More expensive but very fast and low sig rad and Similar dps.

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ahh okay thanks lemme try that

I tried to do dragoon pve but I cant fit enough tank lol. so I just do ratting instead.

I cant post my fit right now cause my client have a bug where it dont open.

I’m constantly experimenting with fits, but the general approach to consider could be the following:

To fight limited number of large NPC:
2 x Small ACM Compact Armor Repairer +
2 x Small Ghoul Compact Energy Nosferatu

  • this gives active armor tank which works off their energy incapacitating them at the same time

orbit within webifier range to slow them down, use AB to speed-tank and control the range, bash them with rockets from 3 x ‘Arbalest’ Rocket Launcher I (if t2 is not an option, although t2 works much better - I strongly recommend going Omega once you have the prerequisites to skill up for t2), send drones to deal with the smaller escorts first. BS-sized NPCs melt.

To fight large numbers of them (like in combat sites and missions) - kite, snip out one by one starting with smaller ones with drones and missiles from

3 x ‘Arbalest’ Light Missile Launcher - those could be not so easy to fit due to high CPU requirement, so
1 x Small Processor Overclocking Unit I might come in handy

Combined tank with
1 x Small Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender +
1 x Small ACM Compact Armor Repairer
has worked reasonably fine

Once the smaller ones are dealt with, go after the larger ones switching to the orbiting tactics as they become fewer, can use a combo of neut and nos rather than 2 nos modules as above - with just one armor rep, 2 nos won’t work well due to oversupply of cap.
Steer away from them if cannot tank incoming damage, then close up again.
Use AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier to beef up drone DPS and
IFFA Compact Damage Control for extra resistance and
Type-D Restrained Overdrive Injector for better speed-tank and mobility

Eventually they all die, even if there are dozens including some BS. Can feel somewhat tedious, though.

The meta modules listed above deliver about the best possible performance without going t2, although being able to use t2 drones at least IMO is critically important.