Lowsec Ratting

I know questions on ships for low-sec ratting have been asked and answered many times in this forum but the topics are all locked and additional questions or comments are not possible. I am a skilled Omega with the possibility to use Amarr and Caldari ships but I’m uncertain if I should use Destroyers oder Cruisers. Concerning the fitting I think that a fitting suitable for level 2 missions should do. Opinions and remarks are welcome…

I’d suggest fast and cheap, for the rats are not your main problem.

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Use a long range cruiser like a Caracal, that way you can warp in at range and have a chance to escape should someone try to catch you.

You’ve received good advice here thus far, utilize cheap destroyers and cruisers. Watch local, and set up your overview so that when you utilize your directional scanner it shows if combat probes are deployed. If so, someone is actively hunting you. Keep your D-scan open at all times while in low and use it often. @Sten_Taxi mentioned warping in at distance, this will help too, just recall that while a T2 warp disruptor has a 24KM range there are other ships out there that have a much higher range also (i.e.: Arazu, Lachesis…). Be paranoid, this is eve online…everyone is in fact out to get you!


Having a cloak won’t hurt, too. Strange no-one has mentioned it yet. As to ship, Dragoon worked well for me. And it can fit cloak with no compromise on firepower. Cheap. Easy to build. Harder to catch vs. cruiser.

A Cloaking device means longer target locking time and needs a valuable high slot, though. And no cloak possible as long as you are locked (also by NPCs).
It’s helpful sometimes, but definetly not for free.

Locking time is generally less crucial on NPC rats, suggested ship Dragoon has enough utility high slots (and locks faster vs. cruiser). Yes cannot cloak when locked by NPC but in case of other player threat can warp off cloak up and they cannot scan you - pretty convenient. May also help when there is someone on gate.

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This needs some training and mustn’t feel too comfortable, but then you are right.
I just want to share the problems I face when I’m Frig hunting in a cloak-fitted non covert ops ship.

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Have just found out that weapons can now be fitted to all high slots on Dragoon (at least in the version of EVE client I’m currently using), so your point is perfectly valid.

I suggest a Nano Caracal and stay out of systems with people in them. Watch your DScan and local constantly. Have a safe you can warp to, and dont hesitate to use it.

Do you mean belting or ded running?
for belting I’d recommend Coercer
for DED it depends on the DED: Coercer, Maller, Confessor, Gila, Legion

I don’t recommend normal anomalies

I fould quite a decent solution that works well even against rat battleships. Tricky are only those groups with cruisers and frigs. Hints for different modules to incease damage or powergrid are welcome. The problems are MWD and armor repairer…


This list is far better than the pic. >
Small Focused Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I
Small Focused Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I
Small Focused Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I
Salvager I
Small Ancillary Current Router I
Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Energy Collision Accelerator I
Sanshas Microwave S x3
Imperial Navy Multifrequency S x3

Most frigates would be virtually invulnerable against normal rats so you want a frig with highest damage to do things faster. Executioner doesn’t fit this bill.

For t1 frigs you want a tormentor or an incursus as those 2 got highest damage as far as I recall.

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