Lowsec ratting weapons and ships

As title, I want to solo rat in lowsec. For this I believe light missiles are the preferable weapon since damage type is flexible and they can hit at long range, but the Corax seems poorly suited to this, especially with limited skills. I don’t want to fly cruiser since I can’t afford to lose it yet, and if I use rails then I am limited in the rats I can target since the damage type is locked. Being always in the same space makes me easy to hunt, too.

Any suggestions or corrections on this idea?

A drone ship, like an Algos, would let you select damage type as well and let you engage at range. I sometimes do belt ratting in an autocannon thrasher, which also allows for dmg type selection but has to fight in close range and mitigate damage with speed/transversal.

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Did not think of drones, good point. It will take some time to skill up, but I will try it out. Many thanks.

Don’t worry TOO much about the weapons that are locked into damage types.

Most of the generic NPCs are, to some degree, weak against Thermal damage (which all weapon types deal (yes, even projectile guns))

And if your weapons have enough DPS, you can punch through anything.

That said, you mentioned having “limited skills”… so you are thinking smart about this. Kudos. :slight_smile:

Drones are, on paper, very good for ratting.
But consider that they are just as intensive to train as missiles, can be shot down, and left behind if you are in a rush to leave an area.

I would recommend taking a step back and start low-sec ratting with a Kestrel frigate.
It may not deal as much damage as a Destroyer, but you gain large speed advantages… which will help when you find yourself being hunted by other players.
Yes, some NPCs may be too tough for you to take on and thus should be avoided… but you will learn much more and be “safer” this way.

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