Low Sec Ratting Destroyer

So I’m trying to make a fairly low priced throw away destroyer I can run around in low sec, murdering rats for fun and profit, that just might win the odd pvp now again.

The fit needs to be cheap. Less than 10 mil is good, hitting more towards 5mil is better, since I expect the ship to be ganked by gate campers and pvp hungry low sec players often enough.

My fitting skills are ok. I’ve got weapon upgrades 4 and advance is 3, with CPU and power grid managment both being 5.

The ship is going to hunt battleship rats and trying to murder them in a decent time frame. My gut tell me that it’s likely going to be a brawler fit, but I’m open to ideas if you think you can make a case for a better stratergy.

So whats everyones take on the best boat for the job?

So I was messing in pyfa, and put this together.


6 light electron blaster 1s

Small shield extender 2
Compact mulitispectrum hardener
5mn cold gas enduring microwarp

Damage control 2
Drone Damage Amp 2
Drone Damage Amp 2

Small em shield renforcer 1 rig
Small core defence extender 1 rig
Small core defence purger 1 rig

5 hobgoblins 2
Guns loaded with antimater

By pydra, the fit comes up to about 4 mil in price, with about 260 dps and 7.63k hp.



does it work?