Can the Comet be used for PVE

So I just got a Comet but I haven’t fit it yet. I’m currently training for T2 small hybrids and I’ll fit those to the Comet. I want to do PVE mostly, like combat anomalies and some belt ratting. Just now, someone that i went ratting with told me that although the Comet is good, a cruiser would do better for combat anomalies. So now I’m thinking, should I sell my Comet and get a cruiser, fly both the Comet and a cruiser or not bother to get a cruiser. I’ve got 25mil ISK now and some basic gunnery skills

What security status do you rat in? A cruiser is not a very good idea with the amount of isk you have, and the comet is a capable ship, but not the best for pve, especially with blasters. A dual rep cap stable punisher or dragoon would be able to clear most Highsec combat anomalies with ease. Both are tech 1, non faction. They should be about 5-6 mil for each fit.

I rat in 0.6 to 0.3 usually. I don’t fly amarr because I don’t have any of their skills required for ships and weapons. I’m sorry but I just read on the uniwiki that the dragoon isn’t seen in PVE because its bonuses to neuts and nos are useless against rats. So are you sure the dragoon is a good choice? I also don’t fly Amarr so would something like a catalyst or algos do well? I’m also planning to train some drone skills once my current Small Hybrid Turrets V is done

The Dragoon is very tanky for a destroyer, and the drone bonus makes good. The algos is also a very capable ratter, catalyst not so much. However, you need to range/speed tank with the algos, because you have very little tank. It is not a good idea to take a t1 fit destroyer into a lowsec combat anomaly, you will most likely get killed. Belt ratting in lowsec is fine. Destroyers are very do or die, and have poor tank for Sig. Blasters in general are not very good for pve, due to their miniscule range. A rail algos should do fairly well in any highsec anomaly, as well as in lowsec belts.

OK then, I’ll probably settle with the algos. Thanks a lot for your advice!

If you were running missions, id offer you to go after a navy caracal. it can melt L3 missions.

His budget says “No” :wink:

The Algos is a great PvE ship for Gallente Chars, you don’t have to brawl and thus don’t need that much tank and microing skills - just let the drones do the dirty work.
This said be aware that you have to keep an eye on your drone skills, e.g. you need Drone V to apply a ful set of drones.

UPDATE:I sold my comet and now I have 43mil.I’m about to sell some OPEs from an anomaly. After that, I’ll have about 46mil

wait you said you only have a 3M budget for your ratting ship but how did you got that 40M to buy the comet?

edit: just curious

My experience of Hybrids is that they’re great for PvP (especially solo where you get in close hence I solo hunt in a Proteus) but are shite for PvE where drones and missiles are much more effective due to range

I didn’t mention having only 3mil as my budget. I think u r talking about the 3mil I added to my current wallet(43mil) to become 46mil. That 3mil will come from selling the OPEs I got from an anomaly escalation but currently, I have 43 mil. I bought that comet for 9mil,sold it for the same price too. My current balance is 43mil,after selling the comet. Sorry if I confused you:D

oh sorry for my bad comprehension skills XD

English is actually my secondary language, so I sometimes gets confused by complex sentences.

Hahaha its OK. Your English isn’t too bad


edit:sorry if u had a hard time reading this I’m too happy:D

OK, you might afford a Vexor now :wink:


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