Theoretical DPS to break tackle EHP?

You need at least a theoretical DPS of 3.4 based on the “Optimal fit”, and it will take about 30 minutes to do so.

Did you know, the more dps you have the faster they die?

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there is no such thing as an optimal fit, this is due to different skills trained and levels of said skills, then add into that the hundreds of possible fit combinations that could be made.

a few ships with the same DPS might seem that they are the same.
but one could be designed purely around ROF to gain the DPS and thus has a lower tracking and/or weapon range.
another might be getting it’s DPS purely from drones, and everything else in the fit is tank
another might use high DPS ammo and weapon systems to get it, and has a fit for better tracking and range.
or another version of the one above it instead of range it uses velocity for kitting targets.

as you can see this is no one fit does all, and hence the depends comes up.

there are too many factors to give a specific answer, and a specific answer would only cover one possible fit out of hundreds and it still isn’t perfect as you have no idea on how the tackle ship has been fitted, as like your DPS ship, there’s hundreds of possible fits for them also.


Higher the DPS = higher damage if you hit.

better tracking = better hit chances = more damage hits

faster maneuvering ships = lower hit chances = less damage taken

small signature ships = harder to hit and longer locking times = less damage taken

the list goes on and on, when you look into all the possible effects that effect hitting and damage done.

Your question has no proper answer in the land of theories,
which means to find a proper answer you need to gain more practise and figure it out yourself.

The actual answer to your question is a range in between …
… “0 dps when you can Alpha it off the field …
… and infinite dps when you can’t”.

You really need to get more sleep.

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I think you really needs to just learn how to play eve since you sound like you don’t have much pvp experience. Most tacklers will be stilettos, or sabres if you’re in nullsec. Most are buffer tanked, not active tanked, so you can do pretty much any dps to them to kill them within about a minute. To avoid them just; don’t get tackled in the first place, scram them since they are almost always MWD fitted, get a web on them if possible so you can hit them better, bring anti-tackle like the Garmur or the Orthrus.


Waiting for the post where you share this new found information of yours… or do you just expect everyone to answer your questions and give nothing back to the community at large?

This would appear to be a basic ratio… it really is tedious dealing with people who think they are smarter than everyone else…

especially when it is obvious to all they are not.

And what, pray tell, is your definition of ‘best’?

I’m getting the distinct impression that yes, yes you are.

But keep up the ■■■■ posts, it gives me something to read when all is quiet! oh and most important makes you look really smart! lol


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except the average situation is not the sum of its average parts.

What’s more, the average status does not say anything about a single run.

To break my tackle ship before the rest of the fleet arrives you would need about 3k DPS. Thank you CCP for assault damage controls.

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I won’t answer to the ice mining part, except that i regularly mine it in a rorq, so i think that yes, i have some knwoledge about how it works

about tacklers: are you aware that you can be tackled by a t1 frig, which can orbit you and never be hit, so raw dps numbers are not really useful?
are you aware that you can be tackled by a bubbling dictor, who will get cloaked just after bubbling, and you won’t hit him?
you can be tackled by a HIC
you can even be tackled by a carrier fighters.

and if any of these ships is in fleet with logis, you will need enough dps to break through logis reps, not tackler’s ehps…

You did not even mentioned whereas it was a solo tackler

You keep on posting everywhere on these forums about numbers (PI, ice mining, now killing tacklers,…) asking us to cover “all possible fits”., “usual fits”, etc. When several people answer that the answer is “it depends” you don’t believe them and consider yourself as “tedious dealing with average-IQs”.

I give up. I quit (not the game, your threads…)


I shouldn’t have ignored your link initially.

It made me laugh! :smiley:


If nothing else these threads are good for a giggle.


You don’t really “break” buffer tanks. Usually when someone talks about “breaking” a tank they’re talking about outdamaging or otherwise defeating an active tank. If a fit can tank 500 DPS all day long and I can only bring 250, it can tank me indefinitely. If I want to break it I need to either throw more DPS at it, or use something to disable the tank (neuts).

EHP/Buffer tanks are already “broken” in this context - unless there is logi on the field, it’s just you Vs their EHP with a teensy bit of passive shield regen on top. They can’t tank indefinitely against even relatively low DPS, nor are they trying to - they’re trying to survive for long enough to either win the “race” or, for a fleet tackler, for their support to land.

“All the possible tackles” is basically every ship in the game that can fit a point.

This is just LOLnope. While there are plenty of bad fits, the “best” fit is highly context dependent.

e.g., The “best” DED running t3c fits will typically be a blingy active tank. They do a lot of DPS, can often tank into the high hundreds or low thousands of DPS for the site-specific damage types, and mitigate damage through size and speed. They’re fit to run the flavor of site they’re running as quickly and safely as possible, so are “best” in that context.

If this “best” fit gets tackled by a neuting stratios, it’s going to have a bad day, as it’s not the best fit in that context. Hell, it’s not even a GOOD fit in that context.

Does the best Pontifex fit have a defender launcher? If nobody is launching bombs, then it’s clearly a wasted slot that could have been something more useful. If someone is launching bombs, then there’s at least an argument to be made for it, but it still isn’t automatically the best choice - you could already have too many defenders in fleet, you could just be agile enough to avoid bombs, your fleet could have a small enough sig to shrug off bomb damage, etc.

The “best” fleet fits typically forego tackle in favor of more tank on the main DPS ships. Tackling is left to dedicated small ships/interdictors. Obviously solo/small gang fits need to be different because you don’t have someone else to tackle for you. Having tackle on ships-of-the-line in a fleet would be fundamentally bad fits, but in a different context, is clearly necessary.

So like everyone else has already said: It depends.

This whole exercise is kind of dumb.

You can probably shoehorn a bunch of Estamel’s ■■■■ onto a jag or hawk or something and get north of 1000dps tank that vanishes under the slightest neut pressure. You’re not going to produce a usable fit that way, and you’re vanishingly unlikely to run into it in the wild.

A lot of fits aren’t even particularly concerned with EHP and “tank” via damage avoidance instead. As previously discussed, if it’s a buffer fit, just about any amount of applied DPS will kill it eventually. If you’re tackled in a turret cruiser by a snaked up tracking disruptor garmur, your applied dps is probably going to be right around 0.

You would be far better served by theorycrafting the likely fits and ships that you might run into.


I think he’d be best served by actually going out there and shooting things.

He doesn’t seem to be doing that.


Well he’s got no time, since he is busy finding the best PI ever done #nojoke .


Go through all of the interceptor and tackle frigate deaths in zkillboard of the past month or so. Filter out any of them that were not fit for tackle (such as travel fits).

Then put down some statistics of how often you see a point or scram fit to those ships, preferably with numbers per type of EVE space as I can imagine they’re fit differently in lowsec compared to null for example.

Do that and you get your answer. May take some time, but I don’t think anyone else has this answer for you, except maybe anecdotal ‘this is my favourite tackler fit’ responses.

You can get numbers for tackle EHP this way as well, grab some of the t1 and t2 tackle fits you see on zkillboard, replicate them in pyfa and you have your answer. Keep in mind when doing DPS calculations that your DPS needs to be able to apply on the fastest and smallest ship type in EVE, so don’t bring out the big guns and drones.


I’m amazed at the level of idiocy displayed here.

Almost everyone simultaneously says there’s no way to know the answer because too many variables.

Simultaneously everyone says they have understanding because of their experiences.

Clearly you have no understanding if you can’t quantify it and your statements are illegal and contradictory

Nah, I suspect this question is related to killing tackle with a Procurer.

He has moved on from PI to ice mining, I guess he’s going to produce some fuel!


Basically this.

But I figured people would have an expeience-based opinion on it already

That would be a bait proc. Subtleties.

My Pi is still full bore.

Lots of people have opinions in EVE. But if you want to know the unbiased numbers, you’ll have to get them yourself.

In my experience tackle interceptors don’t have more than one warp disruptor. But sometimes they may have two, especially when they intend to counter your single warp stab when they have figured out your favourite fit.