Buffer/Active Tank EHP equivalents

Is there a rough conversion between Active tank EHP/S and absolute EHP, ie is 10k EHP equivalent to about 300 EHP/s with reps?

no, for the simple reason that an active tank’s EHP is situational - dependent on incoming DPS and the ship’s capacitors ability to supply power to the rep module.

No, because they are just not the same thing.
It’s like you are trying to compare speed and distance.

Now what you may want is, the ability for a fit, and looking at its remaining free slots, to have an idea of how EHP or EHP/s it can gain.

there’s no conversion between the two because that’s not how it works.

9000 ehp vs 300ehp/s rep doesn’t convert because one of them is a rate over time.

but you can multiply the rate by time to find out at what point you’ll have repaired the same amount of health.

to repair 9000 ehp with a rate of 300 ehp/s, you need to survive for at least 30 seconds. if you survive longer, congrats, you’ve gotten more ehp out of your tank. if you don’t survive as long, then youve gotten less ehp out of your tank (compared to flat buffer).


Yes there’s a conversion between the two, if you know the time.

EHP/s * time = EHP

For short engagements, this means a large EHP buffer is better. For long engagements you’d want to look for EHP/s repairs. And at a certain time in between short and long, both sides of the equation will be equal.


PYFA can tell you this

All mentioned above but you also have to add ehp on active tank fits.

As mentioned above, EHP/s * s = EHPs/s = EHP. This makes a buffer ship better for situations like fleet combat, where each ship is supposed to last the longest it can under heavy fire. If a cruiser has 9000 EHP and 300EHP/s local reps, they will survive under a 5000 dps fleet for 2 seconds. If the buffer version has 50,000 EHP but 7 EHP/s local reps (passive shield regen), it can survive against the 5000 dps fleet for 10 seconds. That is enough time for Logis to put reps on you, or it can be enough to get off that last resigned heat cycle on your guns. It also means a 20-ship fleet of this type under constant DPS and perfect target switching will last only 40 seconds with active reps, but 200 seconds (3+ minutes) with buffer.

On the other hand, a solo HAW Dread pilot would absolutely go for active instead of buffer. A 3,000,000 EHP buffer fit would have way more alpha resistence, but the dread still dies from a pack of a few destroyers. An active fit capable of tanking 10,000 EHP/s will survive even under heavy subcap DPS for a very long time.

For frigate solo pvp, you can choose active or buffer with not much difference. I would say that 100 EHP/s repping is about equivalent to 4,000 EHP of extra buffer.

o7, fly buffer pve -Rep. Nujen T.

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