What sort of skills to increase EHP?

(Sir Lord Cjin) #1

So I made a Skiff tanking fit and shared it with my corp friends and I asked them so what’s the EHP like, they said it’s good, one guy saying it’s at 77k when for me it was at only at 70k, so I’m wondering what sort of skills will improve my shield tanking as I use 2x AIF II shields and Also 1 1 EM Amplifier passive shield.

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(Steve Ronuken) #2

Anything which increases your base HP will touch your EHP

Anything which affects your resists will touch your EHP.

Also: It depends on what you’re looking at the fit with, as there’s more than one way to calculate it.

Eve defaults (I believe) to lowest resists. pyfa uses a uniform damage distribution (unless you change it)

A few skills:

  • Shield Management
  • EM Shield Compensation (if you have EM shield amps)
  • Mechanics
  • EM Armor Compensation (if you have em coatings or plates)
  • Hull Upgrades

(yellow parasol) #3

That’s correct, Sir.