Abyssal Module UI revamp

It is a mutated cap battery that is increased CPU cost. But it seems like that is reduced CPU cost on the tooltip. I was under the impression that it was mutated for reducing its CPU cost for a period of time.
It causes confusion. The color bars grow to the opposite side.

I believe that it should display the value on tooltips not affected by characters skill. And it will be better if it displays its base value before mutation.

Reason #564098630469 to remove Abyss, ESPECIALLY the loot.

Okay. As long as you don’t fit the item to a ship (or simulate a fit), the item info window will show the same thing as the tooltip. You are right, however, that the game seems to get confused when you fit it to a ship, and your skills get applied to the fitting requirements.

Personally, however, I prefer it when the info screen shows the adjusted attributes of fit items (due to skills and other bonuses). So, if CCP would change anything, I would want them to show both the modified and unmodified attributes of fit items on the show info window.

Also, I like the abyss and mutaplasmids. I mean, I would have done mutaplasmids differently, but I love using them to make what are essentially cheaper versions of faction mods.

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