Multiple Ideas: Contracts [Additional Filters] & Tool Tip Update and more for all things Abyssal

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So currently with the rise of Abyssal sites and Mutaplasmids, I believe the Contract Search options are in need of a few additions or something along those lines. Right now, Abyssal modules are being compared officer mods, but the ability to procure a good roll that would bring them in line with or better than Officer mods stands a fairly good chance. Officer mods are so expensive because of their RARITY, so what i think needs to be done is CCP needs to look at Officer mods in terms of RARITY as well as what i’m about to suggest. We need to make it easier to search for items in the contract system, such as Abyssal modules. We need to add Abyssal modules to the variations tab but when click on all it will display is the Meta Level for referencing.

I think we need to either A, add a “Meta Level Used” filter under contract search options so that when searching for Abyssal modules it will only show Abyssal modules that used Meta level 6 or w/e you choose, this will only appear when you select Abyssal Modules under Item Category like Blueprints and so on, which than means Abyssal Modules need to be added as being under Item Category; or B, add a completely separate Contract tab for listing and buying Abyssal Modules that include its own custom search perimeters. This will allow for people to better price their Abyssal Modules and sell and find these modules more easily.

I also think that they need to make it so that, if you use a Mutaplasmid on something that has already been mutated it will re-mutate based on the BASE stats of the Original item as if you didn’t mutate it at all. I also think that when adding this feature you should make it so that with each failed attempt your next attempt has a better chance and producing a more beneficial result, i would obviously put a hard-cap on how high that % will go for chances but still i believe the chances right now are still REALLY low when it comes to Abyssal modules and producing ANYTHING remotely usable which makes that modules in-essence worthless and non-usable unless you like to whelp stuff all the time. Right now with the current mechanics of it all we have i’m sure either trashed or have a huge stock pile of to shitty to sell Abyssal mods and i dont think CCP created something just to make something useless.

Lastly, Tool-tips for Abyssal mods is in need of an update. Again i think it needs to be added to the Variations Tab, and we should be able to see the stats at all times when hovering over that module from where ever it is linked. This goes for all Tool-tips not just for Abyssal mods.

Look forward to reading everyone else’s opinions.

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