Darkislife's Ultimate Custom Abyssal Emporium!

After selling abyssal mods for long time, I’ve decided to try something vastly different. Instead of me selling abyssal mods, this time, it will be you who requests abyssal mods. Yes, YOU!!

Here’s how it works:

  • You, the buyer, will tell me what abyssal mod you want and how much you’re willing pay for it.
  • I find modules that fit your description and price.
  • You chose the module that you want.
  • If there is no modules available, I will personally roll up to 5 modules for you (Number will increase as I gain isk)
  • Win-win for both seller and buyer!
  • For expensive modules it is mandatory that you dm me on discord to sort out prices and mods. (Art3mis#3187)

It’s that simple!!

For now, since I just started this service, you are limited to only saying which stats you want green and which stats you want red. However, fear not! Later on you will be able to tell me exactly what stats you want on your abyssal mod!

So come on! Get your personalized abyssal mods today!!

There is a lot goin on here, but I’ll start you off. I need two rolled CNBCU with close to max ROF and high damage. PG and CPU negs are ok within reason. typically see those around 800 to 1b. Let me know here or IG.

Hello! May I have a max price? (this is necessary because i sometimes have to source from other ppl) Also, do you want caldari navy specifically? Or can the other faction bcus with same stats be good too? Also near max rof with high damage is almost never below 1bil; however, I can show some for a higher price or I can give you the ones I’m willing to sell for less than 1B.

CN or Dread Guristas is fine, looking for higher RoF with some positive DMG. 1.5b max (can be discussed for better mods), mail IG please, don’t wanna clutter up the forums.

Sent you ingame mail. Also have included an image just incase you did not recieve

I’ve responded just waiting on your follow up. Quick response on the mods so that’s a positive to what you’re doing here.

Come get personalized mods here!! Reply to me on forums Bc I seldomly check eve mail.

I’ve shot you a mail, contract those 2 top tier Bcus for our price

Contract is up, thank you for doing business with me!

Bump!! Get your custom abyssal mods now!

New Abyssal Mods In stock!! give me specifications and ill find some for you!!

Hi im looking for the best possible version off these modules hit me up with what you can do

Will do but due to irl reasons I can’t play over the weekend but I’ll see what I have. Do you have a specific price limit or any fitting constrictions? Also add me on discord Art3mis#3187 for me to send you images and stuff.

I’m looking for a 5mn mwd.
<14.4 power grid
<30 cap.
CPU can be literally anything.
Depending on how good the speed and signature are, I’m willing to pay up to 5b

Please add me on discord!

what is your discord

I’ve linked it in my first response but its Art3mis#3187

welling to pay 7 billion for something like this:


All stats should be same or better than shown above AND “CPU usage” should be 60 or less. If you get better stats, we can negotiate better price. I’m available to chat in game if needed to.

@Hippocratic_Imps @TxivYawg1 add me on discord for potential mods. Art3mis #3187

@Taraas_Enko i dmed you on discord with all the mods i have. you still buying?