Looking a uncollateralised 1b loan

Amount: 1bil
Solid 5% interest
Time: 1 Month
Reason: Accidentally forgot to rebuy the materials needed for my industry jobs. Spent most of my isk on a new character.

Check my zkill / forum history. It will be possible to get the 1bil back quickly after the loan.

i’ll fill it

Send money to darkislife zhang. See you on 4/1!

confirming isk set 1bil.

On or before 4/1 I will return to you exactly 1bil and 50mil

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Looking forward to this never being returned.

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Bookmark this post and you’ll be surprised.

Whilst I wouldn’t have filled this, I do think it is likely to be repaid.

I’m not at the necessary 98% confidence for this to be better than just getting 2.5% against collat though.

You would have to do something really amazing in order to surprise me.

I’ll try ^^

Loan returned

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Where did those billions come from?

loan return confirmed.

Check my post history. Darkislife's Ultimate Custom Abyssal Emporium! Sold 2 abyssal mods for 6 bil decided to return early

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Oh cool now youre looking for a 10-15 billion loan. So this was just a Rep grind?

Now it makes sense.

Nope. Like wtf do ppl always assume the worst? How do I make people trust me wtf

Yeah man I have the same problem.

You know what, let me help you. You seem like a good guy.

Send me the 5, or 15 billion or whatever amount you have right now, and I’ll double it and send it back to you.

Sound good?

clearly this is a reputation grinding… setting up for a bigger scam in the future. tooooo obvious…

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