Discussion on a possible 10-15b loan

Don’t need the loan yet but just wondering. Is there anyone willing to give me a loan to buy a character? Reason is that I will need a char that specializes in a certain job and sometimes I can’t find a focused toon and will have to find a more general toon. Example will be if I want a nag alt for wh ratting but no one is selling. Then I will have to buy a more expensive general toon like a cap character.

Total loan would be around 10-15b I think. I’ll give the usual 5% per month. Some people might question how I’ll pay back the loan. Here’s three ways I can think of to pay back the loans.

  • Resell the character for a higher price(unlikely)
  • Pay off gradually using my industry toons(likely)
  • Extract and sell skill injectors(very likely)

Anyone interested?

With full collateral, sure.

Ive done a little research on your forum history (not more than a skim really) in all honesty I think you would be hard pressed for a 10-15b uncollat loan, I know I wouldnt do it, not because the repay plan is bad but because i didnt see any loaning history and as far as im aware you have very little reputation to risk.

If i were in your position i would look at what i want to manu over the next few months and try to build some collateral from BPO’s and excess materials. (i would not suggest abyssal mods as they have no firm price and are hard to liquidate if things fall) From there i would look for a loan based on the value of the collateral and adjust your offer to match.

Just as an example: I have 5b of BPO’s at NPC price i dont need for a month, I know I can make more than that in my other indy projects in the same space of time, id ask for a 5b loan to aquire the materials and do what I needed to do, at that point I could repay the loan or if the lender was happy to extend and i still didnt need those BPO’s i could do it that way, for the 10-15b you need its a longer process granted however it gives you an isk injection to speed up your isk accumulation and it offers the lender security.

Ofcourse I dont know your assets and whether this is possible or not, however generally uncollat loans on the forums are shot down pretty quickly because there have been a lot of people who have tried and failed to get a loan when people start poking holes in the plans.

What do you mean the repay plan is bad? I will buy a char for let’s say 30b. I pay 15 and I borrow 15. Then I extract all the skills and return most if not all the loan. If I cannot return all the loan within 1 month I’ll pay 5% interest at the start of every month until I return it.

typo, was meant to read “isnt”

That’s still a bad repay plan, because its risky. What prevents you from reneging from the deal after you realize you would lose more isk than you would gain?

That’s why you need collateral.

If you know me in horde then you would understand I don’t care about losing isk I want a carrier lmao. But its ok I think im just gonna inject one.

You could always just ask for a loan from your fellow bees. They would be happy to give you one.

if i lend you 15b without coll, id be quite unsure no matter the payout your offering

It’s all good it’s been filled already

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Crap lol

It’s awesome what irl eve friends will do to help you :smiley:

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Oh cool, i come back to check, and another mysterious lender has filled another failing loan.

Seems to happen almost every time these days.

Lol at first I thought you were being helpful telling me how to get a loan now I’m just plain confused.

The issue is there have been many loans recently where they are all mysteriously filled wit no correspondence on the topic of who filled it

I don’t really get how that’s a big deal. Like for example I found my loan through discord and our Corp forums. Maybe other people found them though other ways and just commented so they wouldn’t receive anymore offers?

Because when loasn get mysteriously filled, its just rep grinding and you actually lose trust if thats what you are trying to build.

Im always helpful.

But there comes a point where it just becomes ridiculous.

Maybe you just dont know how rep grinding works. But ill explain it to you.

So, heres how rep grinding works.

First, you make a small amount for a small loan. Sometimes for collateral, sometimes not.

Then, you ask for a larger amount. Sometimes collateral, sometimes not. People look up and see youve filled your last one, so they are a bit more trusting.

Then, eventually, you ask for a large amount with no collateral.

And then they run away.

The thing is, not everyone gets to the first stage, but they really really want to scam people for a lot of ISK. So they post a loan, and wait. Then no one bites, so they claim “Someone” filled it, thinking they can fool the next person on the next, larger loan.

And thats the problem with loans in general. They seem sketchy as hell when someone just comes and fills a large amount for no reason other than “he trusted me lol”.

Oh hmm I get it. Welp guess I’ll stick to small loans then :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey now… lol my loan was only 1.4b and I was given more crap. Which when looking back was justified.

Just sayin…consistency :wink:
Edit: Also I just finished my 4/4 payment plus 10%.
But I wouldn’t do an non collateral again. Too much of a headach.
Edit 2: spelling r hard