LOAN - Seeking small Non Collateralized Loan for a project

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Maybe you see me constantly in the old and new Character bazaar. I Put myself a goal to do in the next year, but want do it alone. I have around 100b, but asking for a small uncollateralized loan of 300m for purchase an item, at the price is now, and pay myself in a month or less with a new brand character i go to the create that project.

Reason to ask the loan is because i wanna do separate of my normal business.

This will be my first request for a loan.


AMOUNT: 300m
INTREST: 33% , i return 400m
TIME: 3-4 weeks (Possible Earlier Completion)

Why am I requesting loan:

I wanna do this outside my normal characters, will be creating a new account. me eve mail you the name of the character and ask you to send to him the loan.


My market strategy is to PI / mining as crazy in a venture then procurer in a specific System with special conditions of mineral and PI. i Can return the loan in compressed plagioclase, veldspare or ores in high sec if u want.

(ofois lux) #2

I can do the loan. because procurer are 15 M, maybe you want 320 M, and return 420 M, in a month.

If this is ok for you, send me the pilot´s name by eve mail, and I will transfer to your pilot tomorrow the ISK

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Great for me, i cant enter now in game but send you the char name in two hours.

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i send you the name of the pilot one moment ago via eve mail. I try to pay in 20 days or less.

(Keno Skir) #5

Guy with 100 Billion wants to borrow 300M

Having asked no questions, the lender makes her first post on forums to offer free money.

I’ve been wrong before but this smells like building rep with an alt or something :gothparrot:

EDIT : Lender only read this post also, in current forum history.

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Well, i assume is one of the other people i sold in the past or a reader of my blog.

You can see 23 PAGES of transctions in the old forums without problem, and i have a spanish blog, probably the most updated in eve , and more or less known in 4 alliances of renters, and currently making an operation of hunt-bots in this same forums.

You can doubt i get 100b but i dont need build a rep here.

I invite you to give me a spanish eve blog with mopre movement or a bad commentary to me in the old forums.


(ofois lux) #7

hi, I already send you the ISK. I will update here when the payment has been delivered.

(Inactive Seller) #8

Received, thanks.

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Payment Done, the pilot who received the loan, do the payment, the full 420m to your other character.

Thanks !

(ofois lux) #10

Payment received!


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