Uncollateralised 1b @ 10% interest loan request (1 month)

Greetings everyone,

Recently completed a similar agreement. (see post from alt = Edenfalls) https://forums.eveonline.com/t/uncollateralised-1b-10-interest-loan-request-1-month/187479/15

I run a mining and industrial corp and I’m looking to make a loan request for 1 billion isk again, un-collateralized. With a duration of up to 1 month (sooner depending on the market activity) at a 10% interest rate for the agreed amount.

Loan: 1 Billion ISK
Collateral: None
Interest: 10%
Period: 1 Month


The reason for this loan request is add to our existing liquid capital to increase our purchasing capacity. Your cash injection will be used to maintain and increase our materials/ore income supplied by our members on a daily basis and used in our corp industrial jobs.

We currently hold around 13 bill worth of stock on the market, and depending on the market activity should make it possible to return this investment back to the investor relatively quickly.

Anyone interested in filling this loan request that requires more information about our corp please contact my alt EV A in game.

Thank you


If it were up to me I would permanently ban anyone trying to flood the forums with scams but “this is Eve”.

Loans without collateral? why bother asking, even with collateral there is neither personal nor financial gain with such a transaction:

  1. You’re complete stranger who can’t be trusted asking for ISK and giving nothing in return with that trade, expecting people to wait in trust that you will pay them back with interest. You have no personal connection or friendship with this player so why bother paying them back if they gave you ISK for nothing than that is all you have to do.

  2. Even if you trade collateral for the loan, it isn’t financially wise as your giving someone ISK with no way of guaranteeing you pay them back in a time that makes the gain from interest of any value. Also, if someone has that much ISK to throw away they can probably make themselves more of a profit using it themselves in almost anyway they can imagine.

  3. Let’s say you do pay collateral, even giving an extra amount as compensation in case they can’t meet their deadline of one month. Losing 1 billion ISK for a whole month to make an extra 3mil ISK per day (1 hour worth of AFK venture mining in high sec for a day 1 new player).

It just isn’t worth it anyway you try to look at it unless they are a great friend who wants to do you a huge favor for no benefit to themselves.

So either you’re a scammer or you’re really stupid, or just a really stupid scammer.

Gowa Hyasyoda, im sure posting that made you feel like a forum worrier. But actually you are quite arrogant to trash this post with your completely unfounded claim. All im here to do is to find an investor and i’ve made it quite clear what the isk is for and the terms of that agreement. You even went as far to completely ignore a post of a completed agreement.

But for you, all you read in your blinkered mind was two words ‘1 billion’ and ‘unconsolidated’ and that was enough to trigger your small mind and start trashing the room.

But my post is not for you, and your reply is a waste of words, because investors are not stupid and they don’t need your opinion to make their own mind on this.

Now im doing this loan request representing not only me but my corp. I fully expect any investor to research me first, and the corp that i’m running. If they do, what they will see is massive growth in 1 month from 10 to almost 150 members focused fully in mining and industry (http://evemaps.dotlan.net/corp/ISBE_Mining_and_Mayhem/stats) and that was achieved through allot of work and investment in members and anyone with any experience running a mining corp with a ore buy back program will know only to well how quickly liquid capital gets taken up by the ore income and how important it is to keep that ore income cumming in, to achieve ;
a) constant production for the market
b) keep up with the expectations of members that sell ores to the corp,

That is exactly what the isk is intended for, clear as day no ambiguous motive. But obviously you had no interest in learning that or about anything to do with either me or the corp. You are triggered and have your own agenda to just simply attempt to demonize and discredit without even researching what the investment is about.

Investors, I welcome any questions regarding this loan request, and anyone is welcome to experience the corp for themselves to fully appreciate what it is we are doing as a corp and what we aim to achieve with the isk and show investors how we intend to return that to them with profit .

Now i expect Gowa Hyasyoda will attempt more to hijack this post but i think its clear that he is triggered and simply motivated by own preconceived bias opinions on anyone who dares to incorporate the word uncollateralised in a very legitimate loan request. I’m sure this hasn’t been his first and wont be his last attempt at this. But it is distracting and simply pointless post he’s made because any good investor can clearly see and understand the arrangement and probably has experience dealing with Uncollateralised loan requests .

Just trying to make the fair warning that alts and scamming exists in these forums too for everyone’s information but hey we all pay for our own mistakes and lessons learned.

Maybe your not a liar and maybe your honest about your requests but anyone willing to trust someone they don’t know just because they can sound legit to take your ISK for nothing and expecting to wait for something in return is opening themselves up to all manner of getting scammed in this game.

Scamming exists, be aware. That is all.

I’m bored. I’ll fund again

Brock Khans, once again, its very much appreciated and i accept your offer.

If you could transfer to EV A as before and upon receipt i will confirm it to the forum. Thank you :slight_smile:

Forgot to logon last night, will get it today after work

No problem, just update me when your ready

Sent 1b

Confirmed isk received, thank you

For what it’s worth, I am happy to lend ISK against collateral. Anyone interested, drop me an in-game mail and I’ll make you an offer.

Happy 30 days mark, hope I’m surprised today

Begging isn’t allowed on the forums, so players must find another way to ask for other players ISK.

Scamming, however, is completely allowed in any thread this isn’t otherwise deemed illegal to a particular topic as stated by the OP being a representative of CCP.

Also just saying.


It’s a whopping 1b. I’m more just curious if such a long standing player tarnishes his name

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Did you ever get your isk back?

sure didn’t, a mighty 1b has fueled the scammers! gasp

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