Tiericiding Abyssal Modules for easier marketing & visualization of rolled effects

Hello, friends!
You might wonder why I have gathered you here today.

Long story in short bulletpoints:

Abyssal Modules are hard to market because they are hard to compare quickly.

Solution: Create a quickly and easily understandable code for each mutated module.

Detailed Solution:
Create 16 different tiers for each rolled attribute. 10 for the bad range, 1 for the base range, 5 for the good range. Displayed in hexadecimal ciphers, ranging from 0 to F, with 0 being the worst and F being the best possible outcome. Display this code in the rolled module.

Put similiar attributes at the same position in the code.

First Digit: CPU Modifier
Second Digit: Powergrid Modifier
Third Digit: Primary Module Specific Attribute
Fourth Digit: Secondary Module Specific Attribute

Okay, so we got a code for the modules now, they are less granular, but easily distinguishable in effect, and with the first 2 digits you can already see if it’s a “compact” roll or a “well i guess i had some free CPU anyways” roll.

How to increase marketability?

If you add a Abyssal Module into the search bar in contracts you get additional masks, much like when you’re looking for Blueprints where you can distinguish between BPOs and BPCs.
You will get checkboxes for the baseline module: You can decide which abyssal modules are to be displayed. Meta, T2, Faction (Including Storyline), Deadspace and Officer.
Only want to browse for bricked officer mods or the very best Estamel rolls? There you go!
Depending on the module you entered, you will also get a minimum treshold for each rolled attribute. You can choose to display only Full F modules and salivate at the stats, or can choose that you for example don’t care about the CPU, Powergrid, Activation Cost (looking at you, ancillary shield boosters) rolls, but need at least a C roll on that reload speed or webrange etc. etc.

But, what about the current rolls when this tiericide takes place?`
You’re always upgraded. End of story.

So, now we have a Contract Window that is easily adjustable to YOUR needs and will display ALL the modules that match YOUR criteria for it, and all your current abyssal modules will probably get a free upgrade!

Or, how I call it, a good feature.
Thanks, and keep bricking those purples.

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