[Service] MutaMarket | The site for all your abyssal module needs

Hello fellow capsuleers!

Today I want to present MutaMarket, a third-party-utility website centered around abyssal modules.

As we all know, handling abyssal modules can come with its gotchas, especially when it comes to inventory management. At some point, we’ve all misplaced an abyssal mod, moved a nice roll into the “trash” container, or wondered which of the 258 mag stabs was the one with the nice CPU requirements. I’m happy to announce that those days are officially over. With MutaMarket, it’s a breeze to import all modules via EVE’s API and get an accurate representation of your abyssal assets. Let’s consider this example:

As you can see, we have 3 rolled magnetic field stabilizers. If we want to get the first one, we would open up our item hangar in Jita, search for “Abyssal Entropic Radiation Sink,” and see the item we were looking for in the third result spot. How neat is that?

Of course, that’s not the only super useful utility of MutaMarket! The site also has:

  • All modules on contracts (https://mutamarket.com/modules)
  • An advanced calculator for probabilities and costs (https://mutamarket.com/calculator)
  • Experimental AI value prediction
  • Multiple import options (https://mutamarket.com/modules/add)
    • Copy a chat message
    • Provide type and Item ID
    • Send an EveMail to MutaMate
    • Import via ESI (as mentioned above)
  • Multiple export/share options
    • Share the module page with an image preview (super useful for discord advertisements)
    • Copy an in-game contract link (can be pasted into notes to find a contract in-game)
    • Copy an in-game item link (same as contract link, but it will open the item details instead)
    • Copy in PyFa format (a format that PyFa can understand and be pasted into a fitting window)
    • Open a contract in-game (via ESI)
  • Add notes to modules
  • Create collections
    • Collection can be public or private
    • Each module can have a collection note, for example “WTS 300m ISK”

All the services listed above are totally free, and there are many more to come! Whenever you have feedback, questions, or feature suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me!

MutaMarket | Join the discord

Great work and nicely designed website!

I’d like you notify you hat if you try to “import” a module from a copied chat message, it won’t accept the message unless you turn timestamps on (which I for example have turned off in most chats, since this information usually isn’t of much value for me). And I don’t know what good the timestamp would be to import the module.

Hey, I’m glad you like it! And you are totally right, no need for the timestamp, just updated the parser!

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