Abyssal Scams - Putting the scammers in check / Establishing A Baseline Percentage Value For Mutated Modules

Abyssal Trading scams have already surfaced. The scammers are saying that the price for a faction module with two bonuses should never cost anymore than the module originally sold for. They are saying the module should sell for less because failed bonus being applied even though the module has two bonuses.

A base of value needs to be assigned to mutated modules to put the scammers in check.

Modules that have been mutated and have bonuses always have a mark up value regardless of the bonus that has been mutated positively.

The base value for any T1 module that has been mutated should be the following:

One bonus applied = + 45% mark up value ( example : J5b Enduring Warp Disruptor 12k ISK + 5 mil for the Decayed Warp Disruptor Mutaplasmid. Total cost to mutate was 5,012,000 ISK. A 45% mark up would create a 2,255,400 ISK profit for a total module cost of 7,267,400 ISK. Not a bad deal for a single bonus enhancement )

Two bonuses applied = + 60% mark up value ( example : J5b Enduring Warp Disruptor 12k ISK + 5 mil for the Decayed Warp Disruptor Mutaplasmid. Total cost to mutate was 5,012,000 ISK. A 60% mark up would create a 3,007,200 ISK profit for a total module cost of 8,018,200 ISK. )

Three bonuses applied = + 75% mark up value ( example : J5b Enduring Warp Disruptor 12k ISK + 5 mil for the Decayed Warp Disruptor Mutaplasmid. Total cost to mutate was 5,012,000 ISK. A 75% mark up would create a 3,759,00 ISK profit for a total module cost of 8,771,000 ISK. )

T2 Modules

1 Bonus = 50% mark up
2 Bonuses = 65% mark up
3 Bonuses = 80% mark up

Faction Modules

1 Bonus = 50% mark up
2 Bonuses = 70% mark up
3 Bonuses = 85% mark up

Officer and Dead Space

That’s insane to mutate such a module.

I can imagine you trying to keep scammers in check is going to go about as well as your efforts to keep gankers in check…

Having said that, there is no baseline price for anything in EVE that isn’t sold by an NPC. Players can charge whatever they want for anything. And there are always players willing to pay that price…


No one asked you, once again as usual.

This topic is about a applying a Universe wide base of marking up the value of mutated modules that way players are able to set a fair value on the modules they have mutated.

this topic is so dumb it hurts

the only reason (other than collectionning) to buy abyssal mods is to fit them on a ship vs another faction/t2 mods. No reason to pay retarded price for t2 “mutated” ■■■■■■■■ when its worst and more expensive than faction, even if it has “green stats”


Obviously you never leave the station.

Why would you think sellers would want to agree to handicapping profits because someone is a little salty over inflation

The topic is about establishing a base of mark up value for mutated modules so that players, regardless of their wealth, won’t get scammed.

The type of players that are being forced out of the game are the scammers who want to buy modules that cost 100 mil and will buy 1 million of them for .001 ISK. Such scammers usually filter up into the trade hubs with their ridiculous attempts scamming in the same manner.

Not forced out of the game but rather do something other than sit in a station all day long scamming other players that contributes to the content of the game.

I do not understand why you think it is silly to mutate dead space and officer modules. I think these are some of the best candidates to use. I only plan to mutate dead space and certain faction modules as their potential is far greater than a T2 mutated module and in general their cost isn’t that bad. I would consider officer if I had more isk and it was easier to get them for large batches of mutating. It is difficult to get a successful mutation using a few modules but using a couple dozen some should come out as being nice overall.

I personally find each negative mutation to be bad and in general to decrease the value of the module more than an equally positive mutation increases it. Largely for me this is because how I want to use the module can’t really have many negation mutations but again this will very from person to person based on their planned usage of the module.

As for price their is no easy equation to use. Ideally you want to be able to turn a profit on average so each successful mutation should have as part of its cost the cost of each failed mutation. By successful mutation I mean the OVERALL mutation is good, i.e. the module has more positive benefits then negative, while a failed mutation has the opposite. But you also have to keep in mind how does the mutated module compare to other modules as a rational person won’t pay more for a mutated faction module that is worse than a dead space module.

Really the easiest way to come up with a price is supply/demand AND comparison shopping, looking at how it compares to officer, faction, dead space, T2, etc.

Also as a side note scammers do add content to the game, whether you chose to interact with that content is up to you. This is what makes this game so great. I personally enjoy the scammers as you can have interesting conversations with them and the potential scammers in Market Discussions can be very funny when they try to explain why their scam isn’t a scam.

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Stick to the CAP subforum dryson. Your taint can be kept in check there.

WRT to the topic of “baseline” markups, arbitrary percentages arent going to work. They never do. Abyssal modules are basically acting the same way deadspace modules act to other quality tiers. Their “rarity” (aka difficulty to obtain) isnt going to be quantified by a simple percentage. It’s idiotic to think that.

You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

Sure does draw out the scammers looking to twist a baseline mark up value to try and set a value themselves that does not have any true value at all.

WRT to the topic of “baseline” markups, arbitrary percentages arent going to work. They never do. Abyssal modules are basically acting the same way deadspace modules act to other quality tiers. Their “rarity” (aka difficulty to obtain) isnt going to be quantified by a simple percentage. It’s idiotic to think that.

I didn’t know that modules acted to begin with, function maybe. but not acting. Your choice of words right from the beginning shows that you lack a cohesive baseline to begin with.

Abyssal modules do not function the same way as Deadspace modules do. Otherwise there would not be a need for the various meta versions of each module.

The fact that Deadspace Modules modules are rare is rather irrelevant because the rarity is not the module itself, its the Mutaplid that is used to create a new module that in and of itself is a Universally Unique item, regardless of bonuses or penalties because the same module will never be mutated exactly the same more than once, which does in fact make each and every mutated module the most Unique item that can be obtained in New Eden.

Don’t think at all. It isn’t one of your better mutated qualities.

All Abyssal modules are Unique items and therefore require a baseline mark up value based on their uniqueness.

You would know what unique means if you had ever studied archaeology.

Thank you for the daily dose of cancer, Dryson. I needed that…

Every mutated module is a Niche Module.

It fits in somewhere between two other modules.

Take for instance the ‘Interruptive’ Warp Disruptor module that I mutated. In Jita the module cost 67 mil ISK.

The modules base bonuses that were affected are:

Activation cost : 16 GJ to 25.51
Optimal Range : 24 km to 24.111 km
CPU Usage : 20 tf to 19.642 tf

Now lets compare the Activation Cost to other Faction Modules. The mutated module stats will have a * beside it.

Shadow Serpentis Warp Disruptor

Activation cost :25.0 / 25.51 *
Optimal Range : 28 km / 24.111 km*
CPU Usage : 30 tf / 19.642 tf*

The mutated module has slightly higher activation cost. lower Optimal Range but greatly reduced CPU Usage. This module could be used on a ship such as the Orthrus that gets 10% bonus to scrambler maximum range. At level 5 that is .50 x 24.111 km that equals 36.1665 km of warp disruption.

Although the activation cost is slightly higher than the Shadow Serpentis module the CPU Usage more than makes of up the .51 activation cost.

The base price of the Shadow Serpentis Warp Disruptor is 89 mil in Dodixie. Because of the Uniqueness of the mutated module it would fall into the price niche of the Shadow Serpentis Warp Disruptor. Because of the bonuses and even penalties, the 67 million initial buy price of the ‘Interruptive’ Warp Disruptor module increases dramatically to around 100 mil ISK easily as rigs can be used to further reduce its activation cost and especially its CPU usage, that would make the lowest meta Faction Module more valuable and efficient than the Shadow Serpentis version.

Like I said, check yourself, because $%^@%!@ like yourself are bad for the economy of New Eden.



This will actually be a great divide because it taps into eve’s essence to a profound level not seen before in production and doctrine.

  • A highly penalized module in most stats will still see a niche usage if one of the bonus is sufficiently high;
  • A max bricked mod could become desirable in some situations;
  • Equal mods will have different prices depending on their base item.

For instance:
If abyssal MWDs were ever moddable on the cap-size stat, one might desire a maximum penalty on that to make Uneutable Flux Coil blaster-tengus viable again.

I find this largely similar to Riven Mods in Warframe and once the discussions are better developed and the hotshot bloggers of eve make their posts it will become easier for the community to discern between the mods.

EDIT: Pretty good songs in this thread.

There is no need to use it in an Orthrus.

It has Tech II range at HALF the CPU cost.

Those extra 20 tf could be used to make all kinds of crazy pvp things on virtually any frigate.

That module is actually pretty amazing, but only someone with loads of cash would use it, and probably just an elite pvper, such as link your fav top xxxx zkill here

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I think there will be some level of normalization for mutated modules, but I think that will base based on a comparison of the final mutated stats vs what exists in the normal market. The original module and mutaplasmid really have no bearing on the value of the module to the buyer, only as a cost basis for the seller.

The value will likely settle near what a comparable faction/DED/officer module would go for, because otherwise why wouldn’t someone simply buy the cheaper module. As such, the base module’s cost is the gamble/investment by the producer, that the module will surpass the majority of the market for non-mutated modules.

The point about partially bricked modules being niche is valid, and probably harder to assign values to. For example, I’ve seen many modules with bad activiatioj mutations, but otherwise good stats. They are still worse than DED, but better than T2/faction in other regards . Value of these will be based on what the buyer assigns to it in these niche cases

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Hi Dryson.

We may not have seen eye to eye in the past and may have been on opposing sides in various discussions around ganking, but I am willing to offer an olive branch.

Please feel free to contract me (on this character) any stasis webifiers, warp disruptors and warp scramblers that have dramatically increased range, at the price points you specify in your OP.

Because we haven’t been friends in the past, I’ll even throw in an extra 10%.

Best Regards

  • someone that will resell them for a higher price