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You should tell dryson bennington about your channel, he needs to unload a bunch of bricked modules for a 50% markup.

The only brick is your attempts to get Unique Abyssal modules for a cheap price and then sell them at a higher price. You are a scammer Solonius Rex.

How to sell a Mutaplasmid and module mutation package.

This is a new concept that involves creating a package deal that includes for example:

1.Gravid Warp Disruptor Mutaplasmid (Normally sells for 75 mil in Jita)
2.Caldari Warp Disruptor (Sells for 60 mil in Jita)

Since the Mutaplasmid was obtained in an Abyssal site its price can be reduced significantly to give the Capsuleer a great deal on the chance to mutate a better module and then sell it or the Capsuleer can sell the Mutaplasmid and the Warp Disruptor on the market to make a guaranteed profit.

The Mutaplasmid can be sold for 65 mil and the Caldari Warp Disruptor sold for 50 mil.

I sold this combo in less than :20 seconds in Jita.

Im not the one buying it. But clearly, the person who you were trying to sell it to, didnt want to purchase such a product at your ridiculous prices.

Again, its not a scam if someone doesnt want to buy something at the price you deem to sell it at. That is not a scam.

If you put your house on sale, and someone offers to buy it for 20% below what you were offering, could you call the police and have them arrested for attempting to scam you? Of course not.

Isnt that a scam, according to you? If someone buys something from you for a cheaper price, according to your logic, its a scam.

So you are a scammer. According to your own logic.

I obtained the Gravid Warp Disruptor Mutaplasmid from a drop, zero cost out of pocket for me.

You must be a bot or something. How does the fact of obtaining a high value module from a drop not even factor into your reply?

If scamming isn’t thinking but simply being part of the kill mail 75% of the time, then you win Solonius Rex.

I don’t see you in the Abyssal Trading channel or the Events channel either, why is ithat?

Okay, so sell it to me for 1 million isk. If it was zero cost out of pocket for you, then sell it to me for 1 mill. Or are you going to call that a scam, too?

Because i have other alts.

omg stop shitting up my thread, nobody cares.

This is not your thread anymore. It belongs to drysonbennington now.

The forum equivalent of corporate takeover. :rofl:

no realy I don’t care. As long as you keep bumping your thread.

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