WTS Abyssal Modules(neuts, nos, and more)

I just tried some mutaplasmids with cheap modules to make good ones(Faction equivalents etc)

Here is what I got:

  1. Xlarge Shield booster with all green:
    XLSB - 1.2 BIl

  2. Some medium neuts with very good neut amounts:
    1 decayedneut01 - 40 mil
    2 decayedneut02 - 50 mil
    3 gravidneut01 - 70 mil
    4 gravidneut02 - 40 mil

  3. Some Nosferatus

1 gravidnos01 - 25 mil
2 gravidnos02 - 25 mil

Has good range - excellent for your Bhaalgorn :slight_smile:
Lnos - 500 mil

  1. Some nice Batterys

max capacitor roll on a gravid, also great neut resistances
3 Mbat - 400 mil

  1. An Afterburner
    AB - 200 mil

  2. a Heat sink, almost as good as officer
    heats - 700 mil

ohh and theres a BCU too
BCU - 60 mil

Prices are negotiable

That stuff is still looking for a new home

the first item has been sold, rest is still available

How much you looking for for the Small Abyssal Armor Rep?

Maybe around 100 mil?

edit: nevermind - XL Shieldbooster doesnt fit for me

Cool, I’ll take it then :slight_smile:

Contract made

Still available, one Battery and the Small armor rep have been sold

Can you mail me with how much your after for this and the unsold Large Abyssal cap battery, thanks.
Also thanks for the previous contract.

Three modules have been sold so far, got some more

factiongyro1 - 1.2 Bil

- 200mil
hs2 - 600 mil
mwd111 - 10 mil
- 320 mil

all the others are stilll available for sale

That Stuff is still available

Still selling

Still availabe, mail me with offers

Massively lowered prices of some of the goods
get them while hot

Since no one is buying these mods anymore, they are now all available on public contract auction in jita 4-4

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