WTS Abyssal Mods

Gyrostab 1.4 B

Medium Armor Rep 1.5 B

Large Shield Booster 1.7 B

Gyarostab 2.7 B

Heavy Neut 2.1 B

Gyrostab 2.2 B

Heat Sink 500 M

Large Shield Extender 450 M

Feel free to make offers. (If I don’t respond it’s because you’re being a douche and offering way too little)

I have quite a few others if you’re looking for anything specific. Ranges from 50m - 3b

That shield booster is not 1.75b it’s 1.5 max and you’ll be lucky if you sold for 1.25

Cool story bro.

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If you don’t trust my word check contracts in jita. I’m just saying it will take a pretty long time to sell

Estimates are not always true. For example it says that my officer abyssal mod is only 5bil

But if you want to sell at that price sure. I’m just warning you that it might take a long time to sell

Again, cool story bro. Now if you aren’t interested in what I have for sale, I would appreciate you not shitting up my post. Thanks.

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Bump and updated with mods.

Some more mods to add, so bump.

Lowest price on Gyro?

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