WTS CHEAP Abyssal Officer Mods!

Asking 20b

Asking 30b but price is negotiable

I am interested in the BCU. Let me know your price or PM it to me please.

A corpmate is also interested in this bcu. Price is 40bil right now.

Asking 30bil minimum for bcu

Gotta pass. Looks like a god module tho. Good luck selling it

Whats your highest bid for bcu? If you buy both I might give discount

45 bil for both

45 bil for both I just want to get rid of it lmao

I would only want the BCU and something like 20b. Like I said you have a good mod there, I hope you get what you’re asking.

Rip sorry i may do 25bil but def not 20 bil :frowning:

22 is my limit. Good luck regardless.

22bil if u also buy the gyro for 18 bil


Will be cheaper if you buy together!

Daily bump!! Cheap officer mods!

Rlly cheap mods considering the rolls!!

Daily bump!! Good deals considering the officer mods in jita

Almost max rolls!! It would be hard to find another one like this.


Get it fast!!! Willing to sell 40b for both!!