WTS Officer Damage Mods

3x Mizuro’s Gyrostabilizer
1x Mizuro’s Tracking Enhancer
3x Tairei’s Heat Sink
2x Mizuro’s Ballistic Control System

Not sure on the prices, looking for a package deal. Have top abyssal 50mn and BCU in a separate post.
Looking for a Tobias scram too.

Kaikka’s Modified Cloaking Device - 900m

Also have Tuvan’s Modified Co-Processor but not sure if I want to sell that one yet


stuff added

stuff removed (rip)

would you do 2.8b for 2 mizuro gyro and the tracking enhancer? not really interested in the rest

You know I can get more by dumping to buy orders? Tough sell, not gonna lie

heh indeed price seem to have gone up sinceast time I checked :stuck_out_tongue:
how much would you want for those 3 than?

I’ve been thinking 1.5b for each Gyro - on second thought I’m actually keeping the enhancer as there are no abyssals for them. If you want them let me know as I use them on my ships, I’ll get them to Jita this evening


I’m intrigued…! Would you consider trades for higher end abyssals? I kinda want to do things to your mods :stuck_out_tongue: I’m online later, will try to reach you!

thats a bit off budget for me, tho good luck with the sale :slight_smile:

bumpy, replied to mails

some stuff is gone

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