[WTS] Officer Mods

(Chanthou Chen) #1

Just got back from a long break and can’t justify the isk of these mods anymore. Open to offers.

Gotan’s Modified Gyrostabilizer --SOLD
Mizuro’s Modified Tracking Enhancer x 2 1.75b each
Tobias’ Modified Tracking Enhancer x 2 9b each
Unit P-343554’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Link 8b

(Chanthou Chen) #3

I could do both at 9.5b, they are in U-QVWD if that helps.

(Eye-Luv-Girls wDaddyIssues) #5

1.25B each for mizuro’s, contact via evemail if interested dont come on here often.

(Chanthou Chen) #6

Thanks but looking for 1.75b each.

(system) #7

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