*SOLD OUT* WTS Rare officer modules x 4 (tracking comp and enhancer, gyrostab and sensor booster)

I found an old machariel of mine with a nice fit from 10 years ago full of officer gear.
Some of those officer modules are now extremely rare (they weren’t exactly common back then either).

I don’t have enough isk to justify the cost of that fit anymore, so I am selling the most valuable ones.

Gotan's Modified Gyrostabilizer      SOLD  1.14x damage and rof
Tobias' Modified Tracking Enhancer   SOLD  12.5% optimal 25% falloff
Setele's Modified Tracking Computer  SOLD  9.5% optimal 19% falloff
Setele's Modified Sensor Booster     SOLD  37.5% range

Contact me and I’ll set up the contract(s) in Jita or Amarr.

Contract the sensor booster to me and I’ll pick up today. Thanks

Your contract for Setele’s Sensor Booster has been set up in Amarr.
Thank you.

I’d like to take the Tobias’ Modified Tracking Enhancer, either Jita or Amarr, where ever is best.



Your contract for Tobias’ Tracking Enhancer has been set up in Amarr.
Thank you.

Ill take the Setele’s Modified Tracking Computer too. Thanks

I’ll take the Gotan’s Modified Gyrostabilizer, prefer Amarr but Jita works too… where ever is easiest for you.

Also Setele’s Modified Tracking Computer if previous buyer doesn’t.

You can have the Gotan’s Gyrostab, but I’ve already set up the contract for Setele’s Tracking comp to Tatyana Howell. You can have it if the contract doesn’t get picked up, but that’s very unlikely.

Got it… ty

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