WTS elite abyssal heavy neut, top drone officer mods


Stats better than meta 17 officer mods.

5,5 b for 750/44 [sold]
4 b for 650/44

W-634 DLA - 2 b
W-634 OTE - 5,5 b [sold]
W-634 FSU - 18,5b [sold]

Good for supers

1B each.

Thx for reply. Already have 2b offer for first one, but want more (;

To the top. Some of the best neuts for sale atm.

Still waiting fair price for this nice neuts

Buy christmas gift for your super :wink:

Prices updated

Best neuts still for sale

Just write your offer here, np.

sorry making a few changes first, will make an offer later if they’re still available

Sure, no rush.

top kek epic range

Neut like a t2 Chelm )

Actual, dont want trade it via hn.

top kek ultimate range


For sale. Mail me.

not so expensive for god roll optimal neuts

Actual 07