WTS Neut (better than officer) Perfect for a deemer or panther

the neut for sale is seen below

i am looking for an auction starting at 3b i will be running the auction until the undisclosed ammount hits what i want / 1 week

Buyouts will be accepted if u hit me up

all sales will go through contract only no trades
if you want privacy you can mail me ingame or convo me ingame
will accept plex as a form of isk

This would be perfect for a Redeemer or a Panther. With the added range and the lowered cost you can sit further away to avoid them super umbrelas and still neut and hit people HARDER than any other module

Regards Batuka (An actuall meme)

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Mail me if you accept.

u have me blocked :slight_smile: from back in suddenly spaceships

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Sorry Batuka, you are the best and we know it!

not very nice

Still looking for offers

Right dunno why or who etc. Contract it to me if you accept

Looking for a bit more than 3b sorry tried to email to sort a price but was blocked

Bump bump

4.25 b/o first offer gets

Bump bump

4.25b buyout needed

Received a couple offers Ingame not accepted

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