Abyssal Neuts All sizes Great Rolls

A Type Small Neut

A Type Medium Neut

X Type Heavy Neut

Have a lot of other decent ones aswell but these are the best. Drop me an offer here or PM.

How much would you like for the small?

Tough one to call but feel free to drop an offer. Happy to barter a bit tonight if you drop me a message in game after about 1800 eve time.

I wont be able to get onto the game until this weekend i apologize


How did you put 3 images in 1 post? That’s that I tried!

I do wha i wan. Dunno just used the upload image button.



How did you get the view the stats in a window like that? I can only see item info and switch between the tabs?

Bump. And its just the module tooltip you get when you hover over the module in your hangar.

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