Abyssal Neuts All sizes Great Rolls

(Jade Muutaras) #1

A Type Small Neut

A Type Medium Neut

X Type Heavy Neut

Have a lot of other decent ones aswell but these are the best. Drop me an offer here or PM.

(Jason Flamerad) #2

How much would you like for the small?

(Jade Muutaras) #3

Tough one to call but feel free to drop an offer. Happy to barter a bit tonight if you drop me a message in game after about 1800 eve time.

(Jason Flamerad) #4

I wont be able to get onto the game until this weekend i apologize

(Jade Muutaras) #5


(jarack) #6

How did you put 3 images in 1 post? That’s that I tried!

(Jade Muutaras) #7

I do wha i wan. Dunno just used the upload image button.

(Jade Muutaras) #8


(Jade Muutaras) #9


(Richard Hellsing) #10

How did you get the view the stats in a window like that? I can only see item info and switch between the tabs?

(Jade Muutaras) #11

Bump. And its just the module tooltip you get when you hover over the module in your hangar.

(system) #12

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