WTS Dread Guristas Micro Graviton Smartbomb

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WTS Dread Guristas Micro Graviton Smartbomb

Literally no idea what the value of this thing is (if any at all). Seems more of a collectors item than anything. Can’t see any market history or posts on this forum for it either so I assume it’s quite rare.

Offer away friends.

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out of curiosity, where did you get it

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It’s been in my hangar for a while and I only just noticed it’s micro, haven’t seen many of these posted so I would think it has value; not expecting a lot though.

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Bump )

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Forgot about this, anyone interested? Unlikely I know.

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pm me the price

(James Franco) #9

Given you offered 30b for a Fiend and are trying to sell a Virtuoso for 200b I doubt we will meet on a price.