SOLD God Tier Abyssal Ballistic Control System

+32.4% dps increase
starting bid 9B
B/O 12B
contact me by in-game mail or in discord VLD#4906

bump, still selling

bump :fedo:

bump :duck:

7.5bil offer

probably gonna sell it in the next 2 days if no one offers more than 9b for it.

@Not_4_Sale too low, sorry.

last bump, 12 hours left

sold :upside_down_face:

Unfortunately the buyer lost the ship he was putting the BCU on recently, and it dropped, and I happen to have it back. Thus I am happy to announce I am selling it again. Everyone who didn’t manage to buy it the first time, now it is your second chance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That kinda makes it sound like you sold it to them, tracked them down and killed him to get it back for resale :sweat_smile:

It indeed looks like that :sweat_smile: but actually just a pure coincidence. In reality, I think if you want to get your mod back like that its just easier to gank a ship in jita or nearby systems.

Bump btw

sold x2

i have the launchers if anyone wants them XD

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