WTS 2x ESTAMEL’S torpedo launchers plus GOD abyssal BCU (Pay2Win best in game) (SOLD)

Good evening torpedo enthusiasts.

For sale we have a THREE PIECE torpedo weapon system made up of best in game kit. This would be perfect for a Virtuoso Stealth Bomber - this is exactly the modules I used on my own one which easily killed a ton of cancer lowsec targets, normally in c. 10 seconds flat.

2x ESTAMEL’S Modified Torpedo Launchers
- best torp launchers in game,
- none on in game market!
1x ‘GOD’ Abyssal Ballistic Control System (Created by Larrett G Yassavi)
- truly max rolled,
- better damage than all officer mods,
- tiny cpu requirement!


19B for lot, open to near offers

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Just curious how did you calculate the composite damage bonus?

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See below for calc:

BCU creator here, that thing is truely a god XD, buyer had better enjoy it

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Best weapon system in game still available

8b for both of the launchers together.

I am not ready to split the pack yet, it is a three piece deal. Can you make an offer for all three pieces? post here or PM, Ill have a look.

Buy the best for your virtuoso. Be a hammer. Dont be a nail. Daily bumb.

Honest thread here no fake bids

How much for only the bcu? I do not need the torps and they would rod ( but if 12 bil for all?)

You could have the BCU for 9B on its own, best BCU youll ever see… let me know.

Doubt it would be the best i ever see ( could roll a officer one also :slight_smile: ) Let me think about that

8b offer on that BCU

OK I will raise contract for 8B if I do not get any better offers by tomorrow

Contract up to Shaft.

x2 Estamel’s Torp Launchers still for sale. 9B for lot.

My 8b offer stands.

give me at least 4.5b per laucher m8!

Contract those to me for 4.5 each please.

Sure, contract up.