Sold nothing to see here

As title says want to sell 2 Estamel’s Torpedo Launchers, located in Jita 4-4. With recent changes announced, soon you’ll be able to load T2 ammo into these launchers. Looking for offers.

Can you post the link by the dev where it says that Tech 2 ammo will be used please?

Thanks - What’s the buyout for these please?

Still both for sale!

Daily bump still for sale!

Grab these top tier launchers whilst they’re available!

Daily bump!

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Still for sale

To the top

Whats the buyout?

4.5 each

Bump, still for sale

Still for sale

Still for sale offers welcome

wow what incredible officer torp launchers! But as somewhat of an officer torp launcher connoisseur myself, i do believe these prices to be rather inflated, i would make a wholesome but fair offer, in my proffesional opinion of course, of a whole 1.3 billion isk per officer torp launcher. Yes you read that right…1.3…BILLION isk per officer torp launcher. You’re welcome, contract to me ingame.

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2 bil each

Classic lowball

Are these still available?