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(Akundi Pree) #1

As title says want to sell 2 Estamel’s Torpedo Launchers, located in Jita 4-4. With recent changes announced, soon you’ll be able to load T2 ammo into these launchers. Looking for offers.

(Sunviking) #2

Can you post the link by the dev where it says that Tech 2 ammo will be used please?

(Akundi Pree) #3
(Sunviking) #4

Thanks - What’s the buyout for these please?

(Akundi Pree) #8

Still both for sale!

(Akundi Pree) #9

Daily bump still for sale!

(Akundi Pree) #10

Grab these top tier launchers whilst they’re available!

(Akundi Pree) #11

Daily bump!

(Akundi Pree) #12

To the top

(Akundi Pree) #13

Still for sale

(Akundi Pree) #14

To the top

(niquid Aideron) #15

Whats the buyout?

(Akundi Pree) #16

4.5 each

(Akundi Pree) #17

Bump, still for sale

(Akundi Pree) #18

Still for sale

(Akundi Pree) #19

Still for sale offers welcome

(Acnantas) #20

wow what incredible officer torp launchers! But as somewhat of an officer torp launcher connoisseur myself, i do believe these prices to be rather inflated, i would make a wholesome but fair offer, in my proffesional opinion of course, of a whole 1.3 billion isk per officer torp launcher. Yes you read that right…1.3…BILLION isk per officer torp launcher. You’re welcome, contract to me ingame.

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(Zahara Cody) #21

2 bil each

(Akundi Pree) #22

Classic lowball

(Sunviking) #23

Are these still available?