WTS Virtuoso (finishing at 22:00 Eve Time on July 14th)

Looking to sell following:
Estamel Torp Launchers (2x) - SOLD
Abyssal mods - SOLD

Virtuoso - current bid - 165b

All offers welcome - either here or via evemail.
No swaps please, only hard isk.

contract the launchers please, and evemail the abyssal mods

Estamels sold, added price estimations for abyssal mods
Also bump!

No trade windows please!

Still for sale, offers welcome :slight_smile:

what was the abysal mod made with

Are any of the pictures not clear enough?

Bump for another day

Bumpy bump, offers welcome!

Cheapest Virtuoso for sale right now, all offers welcome!

Plex payment is also possible, hit me up with your offers.

i don’t see its base

It’s literally written down at each picture, near top section…
Also bump for today!

Accepting offers on Virtuoso!

Still for sale, hit me up with offers!

Still selling, get your Virtuoso today!
Send me your offers via evemail or post them here!

Hit me up with your offers!

add 50b on top of that virt and i’ll give you a whip for it

Thanks, but I am only interested in isk :slight_smile:

Toxic Shots fired :ok_hand:

Thanks for all the free bumps, all offers welcome, you can post it here or send evemail!