:thumbsupparrot: WTS Virtuoso 160B SOLD. SOLD. SOLD

Please post bids on here so we can keep this sale straight. I do have a reserve price that needs to be met before I will sell.

Only interested to look at bids over 160 bill.


X up if you want

It’s funny you said a month ago Virtuoso is ■■■■ and not worth more than 140b, if at all.

Johny Rambo are you some kind of forum lap dog that is here to remember what the real traders and pvpers say?

Virtuoso is just fine. Stop being a beta male and try posting with your main.



300b, hope its enough to hit that reserve

you also said they were worth 200b not long ago :man_shrugging:

Dark Magni, don’t get so excited :slight_smile:
Some people just remember your word is not worth much and you love publicity and talking a lot.
Good luck with the sale :wink:

Sure and I didn’t try to buy one for 100b :wink:

no reply from magni so im assuming 300b doesn’t reach his reserve

Make of that as you will

I’ll sell you mine for 300b if you’re serious ^^

In the below you are Picard:

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This is a very strong AT ship, and there might be no more prizes like this. Get one while you still can. The 99% web and instant lock decloak is lethal.

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Daredevil AT ship

I’ve always thought it looks like a flying saucer, what do you think

Battleship weapons

Prices go up and up, get it on the ladder while it is still within reach.

Up to top

Move fast and buy this Virtuoso, price will go over 200b if you wait!

140b Legit offer :ok_hand:

OK it’s heating up and I have several numbers sent to me privately. Get your bids in or regret missing the opportunity.

This ship is going to SELL straight up. Warning has been issued.