WTS Virtuoso ⭐

(PI farmer1) #1

200b cheap pm me :smiley:
Trades with chremoas/imp/victors considered

(Davak Kateelo) #4

You seem like you really aren’t all that interested in selling the Virtuoso since you have it listed for such a high value.

Why list for at least 90 bill over its value? And even at 110 most people would just buy a Caedes instead. I think that’s why @Big_Lynx made the joke bid.

I’ve seen this toon be rather prolific on the forums and called out as a scammer on the loggerhead thread; but are you trying to scam here? Anyone that can afford 200 bill surely has to be discerning enough to realize it’s true value, and also know how to properly accept a contract to avoid getting contract scammed right? So what’s the play/scam?

I don’t mean to come across pedantic, I’m genuinely curious as to what scam you are trying to pull here that you think actually has a chance to succeed. Or, in the case you are just doing it for troll value to trigger people like me, then I guess you’ve succeeded haha.

Good luck on your sale and thanks in advance for the info!

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(PI farmer1) #6

Best AT frig in the game

(PI farmer1) #7

Still best AT frig!

(Dark Magni) #8

This ship is under estimated, its a cloaky daredevil with torps

(PI farmer1) #9

Prices reduced

(PI farmer1) #10


(PI farmer1) #11

Super cheap

(Dirty Camper) #12


(PI farmer1) #13


(Dirty Camper) #14

so like 200% of the value other people sell them
nice scammer you are

(PI farmer1) #15

so i guess offering 50% of the value other people pay makes you a scammer too

(Dirty Camper) #16

show me a single person who would pay 200B for that , so i guess your are the scammer

(PI farmer1) #17

show me a single person who would sell a vangel for 100b, guess you’re a scammer too then

(PI farmer1) #18

Cheapest Virtuoso being sold by me!

(Dark Magni) #19

If anyone is actually checking this thread, and you want a virtuoso, speak to me and Ill sell you one for far less than this clown.

(Dirty Camper) #20

no you are not


good luck scammer

(PI farmer1) #21

Just because there’s other people who are willing to rip themselves off doesn’t mean that i need to undercut them. Also @Dirty_Camper
WTS Vangel <-going back to this

and this it looks like you just want to lowball people for cheap ships

(Dirty Camper) #22

of course since when you start a trade with a max offer? On the other hand you trying to sell ships for 200% and call them “cheapest”

(PI farmer1) #23

Is there a reason i can’t price my ships however i want? Sure, it might take a little while to sell but I’m sure it will sell eventually. You on the other hand are trying to scam people by offering them extreme lowballs