WTS Virtuoso

Jita 4-4
200b not budging
Can add 22k plex for a Chameleon trade
LMK if interested I’ll mail you

Good Luck - You’ll Need It

(Super Smash TV excerpt)

good price

heads up there is one on the forums right now for 160b

That one isn’t in jita 4-4 though

location doesnt amount to being worth another 40b

Maybe not for you



90 bil

add 110b and i’ll consider it

90 is a great deal, just as in that hydra wtb topic.

Hydras are cheap though, garbage tier AT ships. No instant lock after decloak, and decent dps only after like 2 minutes


Gonna have to decline that

Astarte BPO !

Nope sorry, isk only

still selling

best price

100b bid