WTS Virtuoso ⭐

(Dirty Camper) #24

Ok scammer whatever you think is correct

(PI farmer1) #25

I’m not saying you have to agree with me, I’m simply stating facts :slight_smile:

(Dirty Camper) #26

You trying to make your scamming look like legit , but you are still just a scammer

(PI farmer1) #27

Just because you’re too poor to afford anything doesn’t mean that everyone is

(Dark Magni) #28

You got a Moracha? Lets talk serious business.

(Dirty Camper) #29

Is ok scammer , try to scam more and better

(Zahara Cody) #30

They’ve got 50 bil to spend on AT ships, they sure as hell dont have a moracha

(PI farmer1) #31

super cheap!

(Dark Magni) #32

TBH he is right.

Everyone agrees Daredevil is a top tier frigate? Or does someone actually think daredevil is dumpster trash? For Virtuoso CCP were kind enough to give it in addition a covert ops cloak, nemesis torps and armor repair bonus. So do tell me, why is it trash?

An abyssal 99% web along with the hulls drug bonus (strong crash) results in torps applying on frigates. It hits like a freight train. Its like a black hole with an event horizon of 24km (web range) and everything within that is ripped apart and spaghettified.

(PI farmer1) #33

this still exists in case anyone forgot

(PI farmer1) #34

still selling

(PI farmer1) #35

back to the top!

(PI farmer1) #36

Which AT frig is the best, objectively?

  • Virtuoso
  • Virtuoso (Stealth bomber)
  • Virtuoso (99% webs)

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(Dark Magni) #37

I’ve flown it. I love it.

(PI farmer1) #38

Back to the top!

(PI farmer1) #39

Still selling

(PI farmer1) #40

cheapest one available!

(PI farmer1) #41

Back to the top

(Nolak Ataru) #42

No it isn’t.

(PI farmer1) #43

It was 22 days ago :stuck_out_tongue: