Sold thanks

What is a Virtuoso?

It is an ‘instant lock capable’ covert ops Daredevil with torpedos, a 99% stasis webifier, and an armor repair bonus.

This boat is a UNIQUE ALLIANCE TOURNAMENT PRIZE with only 50 ever to exist.


The price is 150B per vessel.

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Battle test #1: Hawk

Battle test #2: HG Askalpian dual rep Dramiel

Battle test #3: Wolf

Battle test #4: Worm

One of the few remaining ‘cheap’ AT vessels, deploying battleship weapons on a frigate that should not apply damage to frigate sized signatures. But it works.

150B for Virtuoso.

Virtuoso is 150B.

Look I’m Batman. 150B and you can be too.

Sale closed.

Sale open!

One ship (my one) has 29 Killmarks. What if there is to be no more AT ships? Take this chance while you can!

1 Virtuoso gone through trade deal. Killmark hull still available. Sales continues.

All sold thanks.

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