WTS Virtuoso - 100 Billion — SOLD PLEASE DELETE

Sold please delete

I take 1 minmatar , 1 amarr

Sounds good, will contract when I get home from work here shortly.

just let me know when the contract is up

I’m out to a retreat for work, I won’t be able to contract it until tomorrow morning. If that’s an issue, please let me know. Otherwise first thing tomorrow morning i’ll conctract them.

its fine , just make the contract , i accept as soon as im online

Will do, sounds good.

any update?

Contract should be up

Updated Post

Selling 3 amarr forts

Still selling 3 amarr forts. 25 bil each. Located in jita 4-4


Don’t miss out on this virtuoso and cheap forts!

Current private offer is 100b in game for the virtuoso

it’s worth 200b at least

I would love to see 200 billion from it. But I don’t believe the market demand can push it that high. Virtuosos don’t die. So the available pool of them doesn’t change. A realistic high end approach would be around 140 in my opinion.

Updated ad

Common peeps. Come get your fortizars and virtuoso

Come one, come all. Virtuoso and faction forts for sale