WTS Virtuoso AT frig (CHEAP)

100b start, highest bid after 48 hours gets it.

The virtuoso is a cloaky daredevil with additional torpedos and armor repair bonus. None have died so far.

100 Billion ISK to start you off

101 bil

102 Bill

103 bil

High bids achknowledged and summarised below.

Charlie Turlock 103 bil
Alocose 102 bil

Keep em coming when this is done it is done and I will sell for 103 bil if no further bids are received.

104 bil

105 bil

OK guys, the bids are currently as follows:

Charlie Turlock 105 bil
Dexter916 104 bill
Alocose 102 bil

34 hours remain
For the big spenders, I set buy out to finish this early at 114b.

111 bil

114b B/O provided you can confirm its location in a non-kickout station in High/Low sec

Gents, here with an update on the Christmas present you all want to buy for yourselves.

Orntchya Gladeye 114 bil (B/O)
mattus loch 111 bil
Charlie Turlock 105 bil
Dexter916 104 bill
Alocose 102 bil

I have excluded all in game bids from this list, sorry. You want it, you post for it.

As indicated this auction has now been bought out and is on hold pending verification.

Orntchya Gladeye:

  • Please refer to your in game mail for details on this whereabouts of this item.
  • Contract will be up when I get home from work shortly today.
  • Please note the contract will be for a short timeframe as I want the auction to start up again if you have a change of mind.

I will take it for 114 if he doesn’t accept.

115 bil


Bid situation is getting messy, it as follows:

Orntchya Gladeye 114 bil (B/O)

Charlie Turlock 115 bil
fred Uanid 114 bil
mattus loch 111 bil
Dexter916 104 bill
Alocose 102 bil

Auction is still on hold pending buyout from Orntchya. I am a man of my word on the buyout.


No contract has yet been issued to this character.
Posting here because Reginald is yet to reply to ingame mail.

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