Very good BCU's

(ru-eve com) #1

8b for all 3 obo.
Or offer me separately.


(darkislife zhang) #2

Lol @Shaftmaster_Mastershafts how did you lose the two mods i sold you lol.
You seem to be losing a lot of stuff lately?

(ru-eve com) #3

I won those in his goodbye event.
He left the game after CCP removed AT ship he bought for all his isk. :frowning:

(darkislife zhang) #4

Why would ccp remove his at ship tho?

(ru-eve com) #5

Dunno, something along the lines that one of previous owners was banned for rmt or something.
Anyway, what is a good price for those? I prefer turrets so they are too much for my 'bus.

(Bruce Moustachio) #6

CCP didn’t remove his AT ship, I stole it and someone else stole the other one.

(ru-eve com) #7

IDC, I dont need drama here, I just want to sell these modules :slight_smile:

(Zahara Cody) #8

How exactly did this heist go down?

(Dark Magni) #9

Courier contract with ill-considered collateral. Or so I was told by person that sold me back my bling bling weapon system

(ru-eve com) #10

Still selling.

(ru-eve com) #11


(ru-eve com) #12


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(ru-eve com) #15

On contracts in jita.