Purple mods for sale

(Kendar) #1

x4 Brokara’s Modified Cap Recharger SOLD.
x1 Vizan’s Modified Cap Recharger SOLD.
x1 Tairei’s Modified Heat Sink SOLD
x2 Cormack’s Modified Magnetic Field Stabilizer SOLD.
x1 Mizuro’s Modified Stasis Webifier SOLD.
x1 Brynn’s Modified Tracking Computer 2.8 bill isk.
x2 Tuvan’s Modified Tracking Computer SOLD
x1 Mizuro’s Modified Ballistic Control System SOLD

(Alicia Portman) #2

Pleasure doing business

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #3

all for 6,5Bil isk

(Kendar) #4

thank you for your offer, but its to low

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #5

whats ur lowest price for that?

(Kendar) #6

the price is in the post

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #7

7,5Bil isk for all 3 mods

(Kendar) #8

i can give you a great discount and put all 3 modules on contract for 12.75bill isk

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #9

ah u want 5 Bil for each tuvan, u had to make that better to see for customers i think.

(Sinder Maken) #10

x2 Tuvan’s Modified Tracking Computer 7.5bill for both

(Pretty Funny) #11

I will take them for 9b

(Kendar) #12

you can have them for 10

(Pretty Funny) #13

yeah alright
in jita? if so, contract to me

(Kendar) #14

contract is up

(Tiddle Jr) #15


Any chance of 1.9 for both heatsink & bcs? If that’s ok, set up contract plz.


(Kendar) #16

contract up

(Pretty Funny) #17

a note that it wasnt in jita iv-4 would have been appreciated, but no worries

(Kendar) #18

apologies, thank you for your business

(Tiddle Jr) #19

Accepted, thx

(Kendar) #20

Thank you for your business