FINISHED ---WTS Officer Mods Jita last days

Jita 4-4

Tuvan’s Modified Tracking Computer (2) 3 B each

Cormack’s Modified Co-Processor 1.5 B

Cormack’s Modified Ion Blaster Cannon 6 B

Cormack’s Modified Magnetic Field Stabilizer 20 B

Setele’s Modified Magnetic Field Stabilizer 8.2 B

Cormack’s Modified Reactor Control Unit 1 B

Setele’s Modified Reactor Control Unit 800mill

Brynn’s Modified Reactor Control Unit 300mill

Tuvan’s Modified Large Armor Repairer 650mill

Cormack’s Modified Thermal Coating 150 mill

Tuvans Modified Thermal Coating (2) 85 mill each

Cormack’s Modified EM Armor Hardener 650 mill

Brynn’s Modified Dual 250 Railgun 600mill

Tuvan’s Modified Explosive Energized Membrane 250mill

Cormack’s Modified EM Energized Membrane 1.25 B

Cormack’s Modified EM Armor Hardener (2) 700mill each

Added some more

Still for sale

still for sale

can you list the price please ty

Indicative prices added as requested

contract Cormack’s Modified Tracking Computer and Setele’s Modified Damage Control
and Tuvan’s Modified 100MN Afterburner and Cormack’s Modified Large Armor Repairer
to Chino Inkura , thanks

Contract up to Chino Inkura


Lots more added today

Cormack’s Modified Power Diagnostic System 11 B

to me please!

Contract up

More added today - get them while they are available

Officer mods still for sale

Still open for offers

Once more to the top.

WTB Setele’s Modified EM Coating 50 mill

Contract up - enjoy

sorry can you contract to SilentStorm67 for 60m?

Done contract up to SilentStorm67