WTS Rolled Mizuro's Ballistic Control System


WTS in Jita.
Thon/Hakim’s BCS provides a total DPS increase of 25.99%
This item’s DPS increase is 26.1%. So slightly better. (better CPU too)

SB 3b
BO 6b


I’ll start you off with 4b

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Are you familiar with the website mutaplasmid.space?

You can use it to find a BCS with slightly better stats than yours for 132m.

That item does not have better stats, the damage bonus is only 12.6% (vs mine’s 13.2%) and has a red/bricked rate-of-fire bonus of 10.6% vs mine’s 11.4%

It’s listing the DPS bonus of that one at 26.2% and mine at 27.7% so maybe I did my math wrong, but my module is better than that one

Well, in your original post you cited your DPS bonus as 26.1%, so I was merely trusting you on that.

Either way, you can still find a similar module for 225m.

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