WTS Abyssal Faction Modules

Unstable Dark Blood Heat Sink 26.7 % DPS - 180mil


Medium Republic FLeet Shield Extender 140


Unstable Pith A XL Shield Booster 1050hp - taking Offers!


Unstable Pithum B Type Medium Shield Booster taking offers


Unstable Gistum A type 50mn MW taking offers


Unstable Large Ancillary Armor Repairer - price not sure Offer.


Feel free to make offers, thanks!

contract your web number 4, ill take it :slight_smile:

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Thank you and Enjoy!

How about NOS and medium shield booster for 145m?

Contract is up sir

Accepted, thanks

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List Has been updated - still plenty modules for sale. Don’t hesitate to bundle and make offer.

List Updated Bump

Prices on some updated - Bump


Prices lowered on some Bump

contract it please

Contract is up!

Bumpity list updated

is the Unstable Pithum B Type Medium Shield Booster still around

still available Josh.

Bump new items for sale!

List been updated Bump!

I’m interested in DIS 3 - Unstable Domination Dis 65mil, both the scram and disruptor.
I am also interested in WEB 5 domination. I will take it as is

If you have any more scrams that are above 10km range let me know.

Updated list - still great items for sale !